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Alexandria Office Information


As you may be aware the Blue and Yellow Metro Rail Stations South of National Airport will be closed from May  25, 2019 to September 2, 2019.  Please click the below link and it will provide you with information regarding free shuttles and alternative transportation methods available during that time.

Office Address

Federal Public Defender Office
1650 King Street, Suite 500
Alexandria, VA 22314
TEL: (703) 600-0800
FAX: (703) 600-0880

Map / Directions

Office Directory

Federal Public Defender

Geremy Kamens

First Assistant Federal Public Defender

Whitney Minter

Senior Litigator

Ken Troccoli

Assistant Federal Public Defender

Lula Hagos
Cadence Mertz
Elizabeth Mullin
Fran Pratt
Shannon Quill
Todd Richman
Ann Rigby
Brooke Rupert
Rahul Sharma
Kevin Wilson

Research and Writing Attorney

Patrick Bryant
Caroline Platt

Administrative Officer

Jeremy Leinen

Financial Administrator

Toni Warner